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Best place to buy sturdy bags


Apr 7, 2014
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Hello everyone,

I wanted to give BIAB a try but my brewing store only sells cheap, flimsy looking nylon bags. Where can I get some sturdy bags made of safe materials to brew in? Reasonable shipping price to Canada required.

This seems pretty reasonable, 45$ shipped to Canada. Thoughts?

On the Australian boards when it first popped up they recommended a fabric called 'swiss voile".  You can get it a curtain/drapery fabric shops, but you need a wife who's willing to sow in a pull string.  Its an extremely tight thread count if that's the right word.  Has  a ton of other uses too.
Growing up right after the Depression I learned the old adage of "Waste Not - Want Not"...
This may not be of much help in your particular case as I do 3 gal batches, but I use Tight Nylon Mesh Paint Strainer bags from Home Depot.  I've heard others say they do 5 gal batches using them though. 
I have been doing BIAB almost 2 yrs now, brew about once per month and am now only on my 2nd bag. 
Home Depot sells the 5 Gal. bag in a 2 pack for $3.97 American.  I see Home Depot Canada has a 14 pack for $14.97 Canadian.


They may also sell them in a 2 pack.  I have never had a problem with them.  I lost the first one as I used a metal spoon once instead of my regular wooden one or might have let the bag touch to kettle bottom when applying direct heat.  Since then if applying direct heat, rarely, I hold the bag up slightly. 

Also for hop sacks I just use regular 2 inch "cotton" stockinet.  Since you would be boiling no nylon.  They also sell it in 3 inch.  I ordered a whole roll (25 yds) for $16.44 including shipping from Amazon.  I cut to length and tie both ends. 

Just my 2 cents.

Great bags, good price, custom sized for your pot! Sent in my order with pot dimensions, received a nice product in about 4 or 5 days.
There is a guy on Homebrewtalk.com with the username "wilserbrewer" that sells custom sized bags, even with draw strings. You just send him the dimensions you need. They are pretty reasonable and people rave about them. He is listed as a vendor on the site. Just search his name and it will come up. I think his website is biabbags.webs.com - no www. He even sells ratcheting pullies to hoist them.
I do a version of BIAB. What I did was got a turkey fryer kit, you know the one with the stainless pot and strainers and all. I put the deep fryer strainer in a 10 gal GOTT cooler with a mesh line and spigot. Then I got a grain bag, and the sturdyness didn't matter because it was supported by the strainer. Works really well and an added advantage is the strainer basket has a nice handle that you can use to pull the grain bag out with.
Yep, the one I linked to above is the "wilserbrewer" bag. I used mine for the first time yesterday during Big Brew. I did a 5 gallon batch of a maple mild that turned into a maple porter because my gravity was so high :D

Another brewer there had the "bagbrewer.com" bag, and it's very nice, as well. It's probably a little better made, and has the added benefit of loops/handles sewn into the bag. It's more expensive though, which makes sense. The reason I went with the wilserbrewer bag is because he also makes and sells these small, simple "hop socks" which I've found to be awesome for dryhopping. I got a discount for getting two of those and the BIAB bag.
I buy coarse 24 x 24 bags from Northern Brewer http://www.northernbrewer.com/shop/brewmaster-filter-bag-214-214.html for $5.99  I generally get 3 uses before I put a hole in it but my local HB shop sells them for $9. 
coop341 said:

Great bags, good price, custom sized for your pot! Sent in my order with pot dimensions, received a nice product in about 4 or 5 days.

I have one of these bags and I like it alot. I have used it for many brews.

I just received my bag yesterday from a lady in Canada that custom make bags for pots and cooler. The wed site is, www.biab-brewing.com. I took mine to the brew supply today and they were surprised at the details in the bag. The price was 40 Canadian dollars and the turnaround was 2 weeks. Check her out .
Here are some great sturdy BIAB  bags.

I'm not sure if you're looking here now, but I highly recommend the brew bag: http://www.brewinabag.com/

The bag is very sturdy, they make them to fit your equipment, it cleans very nicely and the handles built in help in the process of lifting.


coop341 said:

Great bags, good price, custom sized for your pot! Sent in my order with pot dimensions, received a nice product in about 4 or 5 days.

These are the best, strongest bags you can buy. They are built to your specifications and stronger than you would believe. Up to 60 lbs or more. They come with strong handles and you can order with more than 4 handles. In fact you can order anyway you want them. They are a little high but worth every dime you invest. Just consider reducing your trub by about 70% each brew day. They are worth the investment of 35 bucks. I ordered a bag for my BIAB brewing and am extremely happy,

My wife sewed mine with mesh she got at a local fabric store and then sewed in web straps on the outside in a cross pattern to add support.  The straps terminate in 2 loop handles for lifting.  I have brewed 10 gallon batches with over 25 lbs of dry grain.  I lift it with a pulley system and allow it to drain/drip.  Cheers!