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BIAB mash efficiency estimate


Jan 17, 2020
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How can I change the mash efficiency estimate for my BIAB profile? I set the BH efficiency at about 70% because that's what I usually achieve. However my mash efficiency always seems to be about 81% and I only ever achieve 70-75% mash efficiency.
Your mash efficiency and brew house efficiency are interconnected.  If you set up your equipment profile accurately to reflect the actual process losses and set the brew house efficiency to what you usually acheive, BeerSmith will back calculate your mash efficiency based upon the brew house efficiency and your process losses to determine how much sugar needs to come from the mash.  Once you start brewing with that profile and enter in your actual measurements into the 'session' tab, tehn the program will calculate out your actual values versus the estimated values from your equipment profile.  These will also appear on the sessions tab.