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Boil volume does not change when boil time is changed


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Jun 12, 2011
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Windows 7
Version 2.0.37

When I change the boil time, the estimated boil volume does not change.  In the previous version, this would change depending on how long the boil was for.  It does this with any equipment that I choose.  I have the Calc Boil Vol box checked when I change the time.

Boggs, there is a thread here that is asking this question and getting a few replies. Maybe check that one out?
I saw the thread and the temp fix, but it is still a bug.  The preboil volume can't be the same for two different boil time lengths.
Hopefully it's not one of those bugs that looks simple to fix but actually ends up being quite complex. Fingers crossed!
+1 on this. Once I know the evaporation rate of a specific equipment profile, and I increase my boil time, Beersmith should auto calc the new boil volume.
This stinks, I need to brew Friday, I guess it's back to the old version. A lotta bugs, this software must have been rushed out, very disappointing.
???      Ever Run Windows ~ they have deep resources and it always works when the put it out.... ie: Windows ME, or my favorite  "Vista"....

I now have a MAC.... ;D