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boiling time corrections for altitude


Jan 25, 2013
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Is there a way to have Beersmith compensate for boiling times for areas at altitude? I'm in Colorado and I see that there is a way to account for boiling temp, but I don't see any other obvious ways to compensate for altitude.

Help me understand how you want the program to adjust the boil time according to elevation?  You have two adjustments available to you.  The first in the equipment profile allows you to set the altitude to adjust the hop utilization based upon the pressure and depression of boil temperature associated with the altitude.  The second is in your mash profile where you set the boil temperature.  This really only affects the calculation with regard to decoction mashes.

Since the program relies on the user to set the boil time, it would be difficult for it to compensate in changing this boil time without additional user input.  Which could be done at the planning stage.

Something else I might be missing?
I'd say Oginme covered it well.

If you have BeerSmith 3 just enter the altitude in your equipment profile and you're done. One of the greatest things about BeerSmith is that a brewer can customize it to fit their individual needs.