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Bottle conditioning

Dec 28, 2011
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St. Louis
i plan to rack my Kolsh from the secondary to my bottling bucket tonight.  The beer is close to 35 f.  My question is. what if i mix the priming sugar in at this cold temp and allow it the extra time to carbonate?  would the sugar solution mix as well? my theory is the beer will warm up faster since the total liquid has been broken down to 12oz bottles.  Also, i hvea a slightly leaky bucket and want to eliminate the loss and mess.
It's OK to bottle it cold.  It might take an extra day to carbonate, but it will be fine.
Mix it cold...the little yeast babies will be happy to see the sugar when the wake up. And, oh ya..carbonate.

Oh yeah...get another bucket. Yuck..possible contamination and ruined Kolsh. Its only $12-15.

Best of luck!!!!