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Bourbon Barrel Kegerator Project


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Jan 11, 2016
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Hi folks - i've been brewing for a few years now, and am just tired of bottling.  I could buy a standard kegerator, but our house is a mix of wrought iron and wood, and a shiny new kegerator just wouldn't fit in.  I've managed to get myself a nice woodford bourbon barrel, and i'd like to turn it into a kegerator.  Problem is i'm not an HVAC guy, and i don't think i could take apart a mini fridge w/o rupturing the coils.

My good friend Google has helped me find a few places selling cooling units (integrated coils and condensers), but because this is all uncharted territory for me, i'm not positive i know what i'm looking for, how to properly size a unit, etc.  I've absolutely no problem with a learning curve, but would like to avoid buying a half dozen units until i find the right one.

Hence the reason i'm posting here - do you all have a 'go to source' for this type of thing, and any guidance in terms of what's the right 'kit' to acquire for cooling?  Given it's about a 55 gallon barrel (200l ish internal volume), i'd have to believe that others have gone before me and can help light the way :cool: