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Brew Steps not working


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Sep 5, 2013
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I was trying to print from BrewSteps. A print preview window opens with a blank page. My cursor just circulates and no text ever appears.

windows 7 64 bit
BeerSmith 2.1.02

any suggestions?


after no replies, I have milled grains and will mash Sunday. I loaded another copy of Beer Smith 2 to an older windows XP computer. I'll try it there, but now have to reenter equipment and water and recipe.

I really don't want to calculate all the mash water additions by hand. This was working before. I wonder if a windows update messed it up...

another follow up... This worked out fine by loading a copy onto my windows xp (home) machine. I now have my "brew steps" for tomorrow. It's still a mystery why it wont work on my newer desktop win7 64 bit machine.

  See the other post on same topic - but try:
  1. Make sure your internet explorer is up to date in Windows since BeerSmith uses it as a plugin for print/preview
  2.  Failing that you can go to My Recipes view and set the "Report" to "Brewsheet" in the preview window pane which will show you the report.  You can also print it from there.