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Brewing and Grainfather newbie here.


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Nov 6, 2017
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So, having done one very small and relatively successful brew day with a mate, I've found myself more interested in continuing with my brewing adventure.  After a number of days 'research' i.e. watching youtube videos on brewing, I've decided to jump in at the deep end and order myself a Grainfather connect system (which should be showing up at my local brew shop before the week is out).

Two questions for you brew wizards:
1. Should I start simple with maybe a single hop IPA?
2. Are there any brew heads based in or around Cambridge England?

Cheers guys.


Grandmaster Brewer
Dec 17, 2016
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Fallon, NV
Simple is usually a good place to start. By simple, I mean a simple process, not necessarily a simple recipe. There are many good recipes that are accessible from the Beersmith web site:  https://beersmithrecipes.com/  as well as other sites. 

I would recommend using a fairly basic and well rated recipe to start out rather than trying to formulate your own. Also, you;ll want to stay away from the extremes on both ends of the alcohol level. Both take a little more doing on the brewers part. Once you get the feel of your process and what to expect from various ingredients you can more safely begin creating you own recipes.

Welcome to a great hobby and happy brewing.