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BS2 + Jump Desktop for iPod Touch


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Nov 20, 2011
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With some of the comments about the full mobile version of BS2 I am wondering about the option of accessing my laptop version of BS2 with the app called Jump Desktop  on my iPod Touch.

It would avoid the whole issue of lack of synchronoation since you would be actually using the version of BS2 on your computer.

Sells for $15 and seems to get good reviews - just wonder how easy it would be to use on the iPod - ie response time, ease of scrolling etc.

The Jump Desktop  could also be useful for other programs.

Anyone had experience with it?

I haven't used it, but have used similar programs. The ipod touch screen will be way too small to control a mouse icon on a miniature desktop. And as you said the lag will be prominent.

Doesn't the apple store let you get your money back if you don't like an app? I know Android used to give 24 hour refunds.

Hmm,  I had thought that on the ipod, you would likely be able to zoom in to the specific section of the BS2 screen you wanted to read and or alter,  Maybe not.

I'll have to look to see if their is a "money back" time period on itunes - never knew about it if there is one.  I have bought a few apps that I soon wished I had not - mind you they have  generally been pretty inexpensive so I have always just "written them off!"

This one is a little more $$ but still seems  reasonable - if t would work!

I didn't get much response to my initial post regarding "Jump Desktop"  as an alternative to Beersmith Mobile, but since it got such good reviews on iTunes, I figured it was worth a try.

I downloaded it for my iPod Touch this am and also loaded the free companion program on my Macbook.  Setup was a breeze even for a a dummy like me and it is running fine.

I have full access now on my ipod to anything on my macbook and can run all the programs including the full version of Beersmith from my ipod.

I am only just starting to play with it, but so far I am impressed with how well it seems to work with Beersmith  - easy scrolling. selecting and modifying items etc.  Someone had posted that it might be difficult to work on the full desktop version of BS2 on the small ipod screen but it doesn't seem that will be an issue.  In any case, I can download the same app on my wife's ipad - the program version works on both. ipod/ipad

Not saying that I might not also download the full mobile version of BS2 later on if I can see some advantage in doing so,  but I have the feeling the Jump Desktop  might meet my needs maybe better.  Mainly because  if I modify or add info to a recipe via the ipod, I am actually doing it on my macbook,  so there is no messing around copying from ipod to cloud then beck to the laptop to update and keep info insynch.

There is the advantage that I can also access any other programs / info on my Macbook besides BS2.

Maybe there is a downside I haven't realized yet but for now I think it will do what I want - mainly to let me easily access BS2 and alter or input additional info from the garage when brewing.


Neat. I have ethernet cat-5e run out to the garage. I hope to somehow run a monitor and mouse for the main computer out there.

I tried out the idea of using the    "Jump Desktop"  app on my iPad while in the garage, linked to my laptop inside the house  in order to input numbers and notes as I brewed.

It worked perfectly, and of course I had access to the full version of BS2 from the iPad,  so no need to copy stuff to the cloud  back and forth.

I think this s the way I will be going.  Of course, you do need to have wifi, and your laptop or desktop in teh house must be up and running.

Probably would also work fine with an iPhone or iPod Touch as well as there is a good zoom option.



I might go dvi to cat.


And then use an app like Gmote for the mouse and keyboard. And then get another monitor for the garage used in extended desktop mode.
I'm not real computer literate - probably an understatement! - does the approach you are taking require a cable connection to your computer or is it over wifi or some such?


Both. It's not a great solution though. Signals get weak over distance. Probably be better to just put a whole computer out in the garage and network the files.