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BS3 first run, stuck at "Done." after import [SOLVED]


Jan 18, 2016
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Just downloaded and activated BS3 on 27" 2009 iMac with macOS High Sierra V 10.13.4. BS3 found the data from BS2 and importetd it, but stops at a modal with just "Done." in it.

Tried to Force quit, and start it again:  but same result.
I believe if you click on the done button or close button it will close the dialog.  You can't close it?

There is no done button or any other control in the window besides just the text "Done".  Click on the red bubble in the top left of the window and it should close and load BS3.  I did the upgrade this morning and left it sitting there for about 20 minutes waiting for a button to popup or something, but it never did.  Once I clicked the window close button, it went right in.