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BS3 XML Tags Not Working - Update


Mar 11, 2010
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Hi Brad;

I reported this weekend that the XML tags for tables were not working in BS3. I did a bit more research on this and found the tables do not format in the HTML window for the report (see XMLtest.png attached) nor when you print (went to a PDF file for this - see XMLtest.PDF attached). However, when I save the report in goes to text and is formatted correctly (see, XMLtest.txt attached.)

I realize you have other bigger fish to fix with BS3. Given you went to an internal HTML generator for these tables rather than using the XML tags, I assume there is a big internal problem with the XML tables. Is there a way for me to access the data within the tables so I can clean up my reports or do I have to live without the XML tables in BS3?

Please advise and thanks!


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