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Can I sync BS2 to various devices?

Allen Brown

Oct 6, 2016
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I have developed my equipment profile and a couple of recipes in BS2 on my PC.  However, I don't brew in my office, and would like to have either my laptop or my IPad next to me while brewing.  I have BS2 downloaded and activated on them, but each of them are a clean blank copy.  Is there any way to sync my recipes and equipment profiles on my devices?




Greetings Allan - I have been asking and wishing for this option for as long as I've been using BS.  To date, the various devices do not communicate.  As you know, however, you have to use the cloud folder to transfer recipes.

As far as the equipment profile, what I had to do is simply transfer a recipe with my updated equipment profile, then in my mobile device I simply selected the equipment profile from the recipe I just transfered over, scrolled to the bottom and tapped "Store in My Profiles" at the bottom.  Hope this helps.