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Changing equipment


Jun 21, 2011
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When you open an existing recipe it defaults to the original brewers equipment, I assume.  When you change to your equipment it changes the batch size to your batch size capacity but does not scale ingredients.  I could see adjusting boil volume if the original was only a partial boil but the batch size should stay the same unless scaled.
  Changing equipment does not scale the recipe - if you want to scale an existing recipe, the recommended way to do it is pick the "Scale Recipe" button and then pick your particular equipment setup.

  In fact this is the ideal way to scale a recipe you have received from someone else - just open the recipe and scale it using your personal equipment profile in the scale dialog.

Sorry, guess I wasn't very clear.  I can scale the recipe fine, you made that quite easy.  The problem is that I open a recipe, say "Muddy Pig Oatmeal Stout" from the BeerSmith 2 Samples.  The batch size is 5 gallons but the boil volume is only 3.91 gallons due to the brewers equipment.  If I change the equipment to one with a 10 gallon capacity then it will automatically change the batch size to the 10 gallons.  You then must manually change it back to the original 5 gallons and then if you want to scale you can. 

Hope that's a little clearer.