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Cloud sub-folders

Tom Hynes

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Jan 17, 2013
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Hello.  Are cloud sub-folders (or multiple peer cloud folders) supported?  I have a large number of recipes, and would like to segregate them into a few different folders, instead of just having everything in one big folder.  I could not see a way to do this.  Am I just missing it?  Thanks in advance!

  I don't currently have cloud subfolders.  I did put some hooks in for possible future enhancement but have no immediate plans to implement it.

I would very much like to see cloud sub-folders as well!

With just a handful of recipes it's no big deal, but much more than that, and a single folder gets really crowded and disorganized. I'd like to migrate all of my local recipes to the cloud, but they are currently nicely organized in folders...so I currently can't warrant paying for additional storage on the cloud just to clutter up my database...

...in the mean time, I'm having to just rotate my work-in-progress recipes to the cloud so I can work on them from multiple PCs, and then archiving them back into well organized folders locally on my home PC and deleting them from the cloud once I'm done working on them...not very convenient...
Digging up an older thread but...

Sub-folder implementation would be a bonus to the Cloud storage feature now.
With the mobile apps I think most people will be working from their desktop as well as a mobile device now, so having a central location to store recipes both apps can access seems to make more sense.

I know you can already do this, but what the cloud is lacking is the ability to organise your recipes.

Quite often I'll be sharing a beer and someone will ask "what's in this?" or "what ABV is this?" or "what was your process schedule".
unless i have these recipes in the cloud, I can't just whip out my phone and tell them, and even if I do have them in the cloud i have to scroll through and dig the right recipe for that batch up from the list.
it also makes it harder to organise what's in the desktop version, phone version and the cloud. having 3 versions of the same recipe makes it harder to keep track of any edits you make.

Subfolders would allow an organised central location for recipes that you can access and edit anytime, regardless of the device you're on.
I think it would also encourage a LOT more people to purchase the storage upgrade and the mobile apps.

So essentially, I suppose, the reverse of what it is now, where the cloud is the 'working' folder for your recipes and local folders can be used for archive\backup etc.

I would love to see this implemented, it would make the apps just that much more superior over everything else on the market.


I know this is an old topic, but Has anymore consideration been made to this?  It's a feature that would greatly enhance the usability of the software for me.
I'd like to add my vote for this feature! I've been using BeerSmith (love it) for 6 months and I'm starting to get a decent collection of recipes. I've been moving them in and out of the cloud folder, but my main problem is the recipes get out of sync. For example, on my laptop, I copy a recipe to my cloud folder. Then I update it on my iPad. When I get back to my laptop, I have to remember to delete the older local recipe, then transfer the new updated recipe from the cloud. I am currently using BeerSmith on four different devices (laptop, iphone, ipad, and iMac). I've come to the realization that syncing this way just isn't going to work anymore, and I was ready to upgrade my account so I can just keep everything in the cloud...until I found out you can't organize like you can with the local folders! So bummed about that. So unfortunately I'm going to hold off on a paid subscription until this is implemented. We haven't seen a BeerSmith update in 10 months so I'm hoping this feature is right around the corner! Come on Brad, please help us out here!
desperado said:
I'd like to add my vote for this feature! ...
So unfortunately I'm going to hold off on a paid subscription until this is implemented. ...
I will also upgrade to a paid subscription as soon as folders are available.

I am casting my vote for cloud sub-folders as well.

I have the upgraded subscription and have 20 or so recipes in there and it is difficult to keep them organized. Once I hit the 100 recipes I am allowed it be be extremely difficult.

I have always said Beersmith is the next best thing to well modified malts for home brewing but adding cloud subfolders may push it to the top.

Thanks Brad for the awesome program and I hope in your efforts to keep it awesome you will consider adding this feature.
Brad, It's been 2 1/2 years since this thread was started...any chance we'll ever see this feature added?...or is this just too far down on the priority list?  :-\