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Complete Amateur



Hi my questions are going to betray huge levels of ignorance given the threads I have seen on this forum, much of which I can’t even follow.

Anyway, I was given what I can only describe as a plug and play brew kit by my wife for Christmas.  Basically a 40+ pint barrel with a load of stuff from tins that I poured in and added water to.  I guess a purist would turn their nose up at this but I have to say the results were very good.  I ended up with about 35 or so pints of beer ready to dispense straight from the barrel, sadly these are long gone now.

Now I can just go out and buy more tins of gunk from the same people as before but I’d rather try and do something a bit more interesting.

What I’m after is a recipe for bitter (Doom is my favourite current commercial brand), which I can use roughly the same equipment for.  I don’t have the space for bottling up and storing the end result, so would like to be able to drink it straight from the barrel (it won’t be around for long).

Thanks in advance for anyone who takes the time out to respond, and please provide links to anywhere that may be more suitable for this type of thing and I’ll leave you pros along.



We all started somewhere.

I had the same kind of kit 8 years ago when I started.  I moved to all grain 3 or 4 years ago.

Find a home brew shop neer you or check out Northern Brewer or Beer Beer and More Beer.  Both of those sites have everything you would ever need to brew extract beer.

Good Luck and happy brewing.



As prev. post stated, go to Northernbrewer.com and get their basic brewing set-up and 1 of their extract kits. After you make a few of those you may want to go to Partial-mash or all-grain. They also have several good books on brewing that will help you a great deal. www.BYO.com is also a source of good information.