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Conversion issue -- possible bug?


Grandmaster Brewer
Master Brewer
Aug 13, 2007
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I have a BS2 recipe from 2012 that I opened in BS3.

For whatever reason the 'old' recipe opened in BS3 seemed to not be responsive.  No mater what I did to the fermentables, the ABV and other factors did not budge in the visual graph on the bottom of the display. 

It acted like the recipe was 'broken'.  I re-entered the recipe and it responds properly (as expected).
My guess is that it is some type of format issue during the process of opening the old recipe with the newer version of the software.

No big deal and probably not important enough to track down the anomaly.  That said, a possible future update might throw an advisory message regarding older recipes  when they are opened.
Sorry this happened.  I was able to successfully export and import a recipe from BS2 to BS3 just now and was able to manipulate the recipe and see the corresponding impact on the recipe data. 
Just a WAG here but is the recipe lock button checked?
In response to both queries ...

I did not export from BS2 and import into BS3.  I just opened it with BS3.  Possibly bad procedure which leads to my original observation -- possibly an error message regarding opening 'old' recipes would be in order. 

The recipe was not locked.