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Crashing on Mac OS Big Sur


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Dec 14, 2016
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I upgraded my Mac to Big Sur last night. I had a "brilliant" idea for a new recipe today  ;) but BeerSmith keeps crashing. Not only do I lose my most recent changes but the recipe itself disappears despite multiple saves.
I am having the exact same problem after upgrading my mac to Big Sur.

Beersmith 3 is frequently crashing and I lose the recipe I was editing, even though I was doing a "forced save".
I lose it all.

Right now Beersmith 3 is unusable.

Brad posted in another thread that updating to BS ver. 3.1 will solve this problem. It's a free update that's been out for several weeks.
  The version 3.1 I released in June will run on Big Sur.  Unfortunately 2.x does not run on it.

  Version 3.1 is a free update for all 3.x users - just download and install the update from the main download page at BeerSmith.com

Hi Brad

Love the product! While we're on the topic of Big Sur, I'm wondering if 3.1 will run okay on the new M1 processor MacBooks. Getting close to getting new new MacBook and didn't want to jump the gun on something that may not work.


  I don't know yet!  In theory the existing version will run on M1 in compatability mode, and I'm working to compile a new "universal" binary as well.

  However at the moment I have not yet received a M1 Mac to test it on so I can't completely say if there are any issues.

Has this been fixed? I am crashing constantly on OS X 11.1w/BeerSmith 3.0.8.

Same here beerprof. I've got a very old macbook air. It runs most things slower than molasses, the keys are falling off and it won't type O, L or 9 most of the time but Beersmith works fine.