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Dark Chocolate Percentage


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Jul 26, 2012
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Los Angeles
Brewing an imperial oatmeal milk stout pretty soon and was going to grate 90% dark chocolate for a late addition in the boil. Also going to add cacao nibs in secondary, but my question(s) lie with the dark chocolate.

Well, I can't seem to find the 90% dark chocolate at my market. And the one I ordered online won't be here in time for brew day (apparently it's non-essential these days). All I could find at my local store was 100% dark chocolate. Which I've never had but understand isn't the most pleasant.

The label on the bar shows there is absolutely no sugar in this. Should I add some sugar at the end of the boil to compensate (without drying it out)? I'm already adding lactose right before this chocolate addition so there is some residual sweetness that will stay in the beer.

The estimated numbers are:

OG @ 1.101
IBUs @ 59

I was going to add 3oz of the 90% dark chocolate (5.5 gallon batch). But since I cannot get 90%, and rather have 100%, perhaps it's a matter of reducing the quantity?