Depth Charge big mouth bubbler specialty lid


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Feb 15, 2013
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Durham, NC
the Depth Charge is a special lid with a stainless steel cage attached so you can add fruit, wood, dry hops, whatever to either a primary or secondary fermentation.
this is very easy to use and worked incredibly well with my most recent DIPA.
in the past there was always some hop debris that i couldn't get rid of when dry hopping, but this truly does keep everything contained and easily removed so you determine how long anything ages in your beer.
i would rate this an 8 out of 10, due to the SS mesh having a few 'prickly points' along the seems and it's a little annoying getting tiny stab wounds when having to handle it enough to clean it after usage.

i'll add more details once i try to use it with fruit puree...i'm not sure if the mesh is fine enough to prevent it from seeping out...
Do you think I could use this for hop boil additions? Is the entire screen system SS in that nothing would melt if put in the boil? Thanks and take care.
Sorry, I had not logged in for a while.
YES< you can remove the SS cage from the plastic top so if you wanted to try, you could use this for the boil.
Since it does not have any hooks though it could easily tip and depending on your pot hieght/width it might get the hop debris in your boil.