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Dry Hopping Solutions


Oct 16, 2017
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In the real process of beer brewing, brewmasters normally adding hops to beer for increasing beer aroma and flavor. And it will be finished by dry hopping.
Here are four options in order to finish dry hopping:
* One is by the hopback.
A hopback is a sealed chamber that is inserted in between the brewing kettle and Heat Exchanger. Hops are added to the chamber.
The hot wort from kettle runs through it, and then immediately be cooled in the heat exchanger before fermenting. It is usually from 30L to hundred liters.
Also some brewmasters will do wort cooling in the heat exchanger firstly (first stage) and recycle back to hop back.
Then continue wort cooling in heat exchanger (second stage) ready for fermenting.
* Second is by dry hopping port
It is very simple, just a 4'' or customized 8'' dry hopping port on tanks top.
To avoid lossing pressure inside of fermentation tanks, it normally cooperate with pressure keeping device.
* Third is by hop gun
The hop gun is filled with hop pallets or fresh hops by a large access port.
Beer will circulated between hop gun and fermentation tank or bright beer tank until required extraction is reached.
* Fourth is by filter
Some brewmasters normally filter the beer after fermentation to remove solids left in the beer to give much clearness and brilliance.

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