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False bottom for BIAB kettle


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Dec 17, 2016
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Fallon, NV

Just came across this. Have been looking for an alternative to the vegetable steamer.
If you use clips to hang your bag off the side of your pot you do not need a false bottom
Parkinson1157 said:
If you use clips to hang your bag off the side of your pot you do not need a false bottom

I'm assuming this is for electric brewers. The last thing you want is the bag to slip and touch the burner element.
I use it with a propane burner. Easy to melt a bag if it sits on the bottom with the burner on. Also makes for better recirculation for BIAB.
I use a false bottom because I recirculate. Without it the bag wound tend to interrupt flow through my dip tube..
I built something similar to what was posted. I use a Sous Vide to keep the mash temp and circulate the wort, but if you are doing a multi step or trying to get the temp to 168 the sous vide would struggle, especially when brewing in the garage on a 40 degree day. Lifting the bag allows me to light the burner, keep it on low and help with the temp increase.
Bringing this back to life... Just getting back into brewing after a long break and decided to start back with the BIAB approach since I got rid of a lot of my old equipment years ago. Purchased a GasOne 18 gal kettle which seems perfect for the 5-6 gal batches with BIAB. About to fire up my first batch and have a few questions on the kettle. It came with a torpedo strainer and a false bottom. The false bottom has nominally 3/32" holes in it which if I were circulating I would not have an issue with. The false bottom that BOB357 referenced is more like a grate. Is there any benefit to using the false bottom w/ the torpedo strainer for BIAB? I can see that it could keep some fines out of the fermenter but is that worth the risk of poor circulation while mashing? Anyone have experience with this kettle?

Trying to ease back into the hobby without breaking the bank. There is some beautiful equipment out there, but I think I would invest in a fermzilla conical before moving to a high-dollar kettle.

Thanks in advance.
This keeps the bag from sitting on the bottom of your kettle and scorching and promotes better flow when recirculating which aids in maintaining an even temperature throughout the grain bed.