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favorite brew mag


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Dec 11, 2008
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Wheaton, IL
My inlaws go ape for christmas which is a good thing.  They hit the mimosas and I've tried everything from templeton rye to good HBs.  They are looking for gift ideas and I'm challenging.  I started thinking of beer gear and magazines came to mind. Besides zymurgy, what else is out there/good.
BYO.  I get them both, and while both are good, I think I use info from BYO more often.
I read Zymurgy, BYO, Beer Magazine, and All About Beer. (Does that make me obsessed?) I think I like BYO the best also...

I read BYO and Beer Advocate.  However, I think I'm going to swap Beer Advocate for Zymurgy when the subscription is up.

I get BYO and Zymurgy.  Both are good though it seems like BYO is quickly becoming bi-monthly (they used to be 9 issues a year, now they are 8 I believe).  I wish BYO and Zymurgy staggered their mailing dates. It seems like I get both pretty close to the same time.  I'd rather get one a month but obviously not a real biggie.

I read Beer once and I didn't like it.  They completley forgot national homebrew day and when someone called them on it they basically said they were too busy to remember every little day.  That would be like the Pope forgetting Christmas because he had too much to do? 

Beer advocate is good but its more of a commercial beer mag than a homebrew mag so if you want to stay up on the industry of craft brewing that seems like the insiders guide