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FG 1.000, Total calories 326 Cal/pint, Calories from Alcohol 265 Cal/pint


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Jan 14, 2011
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I do have a question for you gentlemen. 
I have a Blonde Belgian which was kegged, force carbonated and to sweet." 
I went through various steps to recover and save the beer, although, I am amazed that there does seem to be sweetnes still in the brew since the hydrometer indicated 1.000 FG.  When I plugged the numbers into Beer Smith it showed Total calories 326 Cal/pint, Calories from Alcohol 265 Cal/pint.  I thought the calories would be absent or way lower, since the carbohydrates/sugars had been converted.  I have used beano in the past when attempting to make a beer for a friend of mine who happens to be a diabetic.  I was under the assumption that the carbohydrates would be converted into alcohol and therefore it would be an effective way to brew beer for a person who may have diabeties.  When the FG was crunched down to 1.000, I thought that the calories would also be near the zero range.  Do you think this is a software issue or am I confused? 


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Nov 6, 2010
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There are no carbs in Alcohol but there are calories.  Lots of calories.  The beano treatment will reduce the carb content by converting non-fermentable sugars into fermentable sugars though I am skeptical that it converted all remaining non-fermenatable sugars.  You did reduce the calories some, maybe 10% from the non-fermentable sugars but you cannot eliminate calories in alcohol.  From what I read, the carbs might be about half what they started at but not 0.

I have not seen a reliable calculation to determine the calorie and carb content in beer that has been further fermented using enzymes such as beano.  I am pretty sure Beersmith will not calculate it correctly. 

I understand the the body processes alcohol before other calorie sources which would make it more likely to gain weight from drinking the higher alcohol beano beer. Avoid fatty foods when drinking alcohol.  Weight control is also very important to diabetics.