file conversion .bsmx.txt to beer smith2


Jul 1, 2017
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Can anyone help me convert or is this format for mobile devices?  I can not open these files in beersmith 2 for what ever reason

thanks in advance

You probably have to open it on the desktop, push it to the cloud and load it onto the mobile. 

disclaimer:  I don't have the mobile version since I don't like to pay for apps.

Have you tried just renaming to *.bsmx and opening with BeerSmith? Both the old BeerSmith format, *.xml and the new format, *.bsmx are text files, but structured in a way that makes it difficult for humans to read. That makes .bsmx.txt a bit redundant.

I have tried but beersmith2 does not recognize  it to open. It does find it though!
Sorry, I missed the extra .txt.  Try renaming it from bsmx.txt to just .bsmx then open with beersmith. 
I did try that but same result. Maybe a conversion program???
I looked at the headers of this file and didn't see any problems. I re-named it to CloudyPaleNEIPA.bsmx, double-clicked it and it opened just fine in BeerSmith 2.3.12

I would say that there is nothing wrong with this file (aside from the name). If you can't open it then there might be something wrong with your BeerSmith installation.

P.S. It looks tasty!