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First Home Brew



I am about to brew for first time.  I have a mr beer kit, and have some questions-

The keg holds 32 bottles of beer, but the kit only came with 12 bottle caps.  Where can I get more caps?

How tight do caps need to fit?



What sort of bottles/ caps are you using?

When i first started i sterilised and used empty pop (soda) bottles properly sterilised they are ok for an emergency.

I would reccomend though trying a pressure barrel such as a 'King keg' or simmilar

anyhow enjoy


The Mr. Beer Kit I have (2.5 gal) makes roughly 20-22 12oz bottles.  Is this the same size you have?  The Mr. Beer site has extra caps for sale, however you can use pretty much any soda bottle cap.  The beer caps need to be just beyond 'snug' or close to 'tight', the idea is that the CO2 does not leak out of your bottle.  Make sure you sanitize everthing that comes in contact with your wort.