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First time brew with Kit

I have followed all the directions thus far but after 2 days I don't see any bubbles coming out of t

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Any suggestions for this batch...I cleaned everything with "one-step" and double checked all processes.  It is in a cool room appro 68 degrees.  It is just sitting there with nothing noticible happening.  Could I add more yeast?
A few questions-

What type of yeast did you use?

Is the fermenter sitting on a concrete floor? If so, it could be pulling heat out.

Is the lid on tight? It may be loose and fermenting without your knowledge.

Have you looked to see if you have krausen?
Yea, if bucket, they do leak.  Pull lid up a tiny bit and look for krauesen or crud ring on sides. 

If nothing, did you re-hydrate yeast (assuming dry) in ~86F water?  If not, just sprinkling will slow down the start quite a bit.  Aeration?  Consistently 68F, or drops at night?