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First time using whirfloc

Dec 28, 2011
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St. Louis
I just finished making a Dusseldorf Alt. this is my first time using whirfloc tablets. The directions said to use two tabs per five gallon, I made 5.25 gal. I dropped wort down to temp and let sit for 45 min or so. When I transferred to 6 gal carboy I noticed that the coagulate was still suspended nearly halfway. After I shook up the wort and added yeast the coagulate seems to take up at least a third I'd my wort. Is 2 tabs too much and will this drop more. I will admit its only been two hours since I've pitched. I have never seen this before. Here is a pic.

FWIW, I've never used two tabs per 5 gallons, my instructions say one tab for 10-15 gallons. I can't argue with your instructions, though.

Your beer looks fine. That precipitate is not very dense so will settle even further. No worries at all!
I also only use 1 tablet.  I find when I get sediment layers in my beer like you have, that seemed trapped in suspension, that I didn't drop the temperature fast enough or thoroughly enough.  There is still a warm zone in the beer.  I don't think the whirlfloc is the culprit.

As stated above though it will level out and drop out.  Not an issue in the long run.
2 tablets is more than necessary for 5 gallons.  Not sure if the overdose is detrimental, but 1 tablet is plenty and 1/2 a tablet is OK.
I use a 1/2 tablet per 5 gallons.  This stuff works a lot better than Irish Moss IMO.

Whirlfloc is a refined version of Irish Moss.  The refining does not make it more effective, it makes it easier to use and allows you to use less for the same result.  Basically, it is a cost savings for larger breweries.  Using more does not make beer clearer.  Each 1/2 tablet is more than ample for a 5 gallon batch.  A full tablet is ample for a 10 gallon batch.  Using more than is needed is simple wasting it.

The tablets need to be added near the end of the boil, usually the last 5 or so minutes, to ensure they are fully dissolved.  Any longer and they will denature and become much less effective.  The finings work on cold wort and will attract positively charged proteins and flocculate and sink to the bottom during the cooling process.  This stuff should be left behind in the kettle.  It is possible to agitate the floc and disperse the proteins back into the beer making it less clear.

You don't say when you added the tablets but if it was after the wort was cooled or in the carboy, it does little to clear the wort can be seen floating around in there.