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Folders and recipe content disappearing

Brew Bama

Master Brewer
Apr 29, 2014
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Huntsville AL
Several times I have created a folder under ?My Recipes? only to have it disappear ...sometimes within an hour ...sometimes within a cpl days.

I am now noticing individual recipe contents in the ?My Recipes? folder disappearing. The name is there but when I select it, there is no content and the program asks if I want to delete it.

Its happening in BS3 mobile on an iPad running iOS.
I've never had the problem but I searched the forum and found where Brad offered this suggestion earlier this year...

Try going to Options->Reset and Recover Data->Recover Recipes.
Thank you. I?m curious about the cause vs the fix but I do appreciate the help.  Otherwise it may keep happening if I?m doing something wrong.
Did you have the "another copy of beersmith is running" issue?

I recently lost months of recipes - I was able to recover most, and then find the others in the archive (which i could save as pdf)

I'm wondering if the lost recipes/logs are resulting from the "two copies" issues.  I have been very careful to close the one that the computer thinks is running first, before opening BS3 and haven't lost any since.  I don't have any other offerings, but if anyone else can find out what is going on here, I'd also be grateful
That very well could be. I have BS3 mobile on my phone and iPad so I could have inadvertently had them both running. I was unaware of the implications so I will ensure to close one before opening the other.
The issue with another copy running seems to occur most when Beersmith is force to close. System updates will do this if you have left the program running. Or if you simply shut down your devise while BS was left open. When the Beersmith program is closed normally it goes through some archival steps while closing. When the program is forced down these steps are not completed and remain un-closed in the background. When you then try to launch BS it sees these processes as having another copy running.
Just wanted to say that I see this issue myself.  I gave up on creating folders after about the 3rd time.  The Recover Recipes option found them and dumped them into my top level folder.

I also see an issue where if I copy a recipe to a folder BS Mobile will often create a new copy each time I save it.  As I said above, I gave up on using Folders, so I was really just saving a copy to the same folder.  I am hoping that using the Save Copy As feature instead will prevent this.

There does not seem to be much effort being put into fixing issues with BeerSmith Mobile.  :-\