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For Sale For Sale ? Full Beer Production/Serving System ($11k+ Invest) Sale Price: $2,500


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Mar 10, 2022
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All in Excellent Condition - Everything needed to Crush Grain, Filter Water, Brew/Test/Chill/Monitor Wort, Ferment, and Keg/Store/Serve (Keezer)

Fort Mill, SC

1. Sabco Computerized BrewMagic System (2013 Model, used ~40 Times, Great condition)
2. Sabco BrewMagic Chill Wizard
3. New spare/extra Liquid Pump (fits Brew Magic System and Chill Wizard)
4. Vortex Spinner and Beakers (for yeast creation)
5. Monster Mill Grain Crusher
6. GE In-Line Water Filtration System
7. All plumbing and connection hardware, for operation
8. Refractometer & Hydrometer
9. Speidel Fermentation Tanks (4)
10. Corney Kegs (5) with numerous Spare Parts
11. Five Keg Keezer (GE Freezer conversion), w/ Johnson Temp Controller, CO2 Distributer, Circulation Fan (CO2 Tank & Tap Handles NOT included)
12. Sankey Tap (for commercial keg serving)
13. Bottle Capper and Caps
14. Mark II Keg & Carboy Washer
15. Brew Buckets, Paddles and Spoons, Growlers and Growler Filler


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