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Gas or electric

I'm not sure there is a "best" answer that is the same for everyone. I started making extract brews on my gas stovetop in a small kettle, topping off with water in the fermenter. When I wanted to step up to all-grain and full-size boils I knew that my stove wouldn't put out enough heat. I decided to go electric (I purchased a discount kettle and installed a coil myself), and am very happy with the result. I can brew inside, right next to the sink, in any kind of weather and with no noise and no worry about ventilation or running out of gas. I can control the power easily to maintain mash temperature during BIAB mashing and can vary the intensity of my boil in an easy and repeatable manner. This solution works very well for me, but I only do 5-gallon batches. If I wanted to make larger batches I would need to hire an electrician to put in some new 220V circuits. That could be a deal-breaker for some people.

A mix.  I use inductive or sous vous for strike water and propane for boil.
When I lived in California I really enjoyed spending the afternoon in my garage brewing with gas. Now that I live in Wisconsin I love my electric system which allows me to comfortably brew in my basement all winter long. Gas was cheaper for me getting started and learning to brew, but now that I know what I'm doing I much prefer electric and will never go back to gas - even if I move back to a warmer climate.
I just sold my 3-kettle propane rig and ordered an electric system I like not having gas run out on me in the middle of a brew day and not having the expense of exchanging propane tanks. I like it that I'm not wasting heat into the atmosphere like I was with gas and maintaining mash temperatures is a breeze. I would never go back to propane.