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G'Day from Kingsland- Where the Kit is King



Greetings Brewers & Wannabes,

...and I kind of class myself in the latter category, at least when compared with those dedicated souls who slave away all Saturday to produce the perfect beer from barley grown in the verge and wheat harvested from the back paddock.  I have been brewing kits for about 18 years (for the record, I'm not too old and instead started young) and tinkering here and there to fine tune them a bit.

We recently had a brew competition at work that opened my eyes to the quality of ale achievable through homebrewing.  Suitably humbled, I have now designed and brewed three beers using Beersmith, though I remain a kit man and like to base my beer on such favourites as Cooper's Stout.  I then add a few extras- canned malt, hops for aroma etc and have come up with some much better beers than the standard.  A problem with this approach is determining the characteristics of the kit for use in Beersmith, and also finding tried and true recipes for modified kit beers.

I see that Beersmith are looking to enhance their recipe database, and would be keen to see a "From the Kit" category or similar...to which I could contribute a grand total of (you guessed it) three beers.  I'd also be keen to know if anyone has any tricks to determine the characteristics of kits, other than basic back analysis, which has its flaws.

Kind Regards, and Viva the Revolution,