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Gday from Sunny Queensland Australia


Oct 8, 2013
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Completely novice home brewer here. Wife bought me a home brew kit last Christmas, I have made 3 batches and I think Im hooked.  Started looking into it and realised how much I dont know, so found my way here.
Im going to show my complete beginner status here and say I dont know. I am just buying the cans of concentrate 'Coopers'. 
Ok, I have recently read up on different types of brewing, grain, extract, BIAB. I feel even more of a beginner now that I know how much I dont know.  I know I like beer though, haha
I have a good friend that lives in the Gold Coast.  I keep telling him that Australia has one of the most vibrant homebrewing cultures in the world.  I'm trying my best to get him to give it a try and I think he's almost there. 

I think BIAB is actually an Aussie invention isn't it?  Anyway, keep reading and keep 'practicing' it gets in your blood so much that you'll start spending way too much time here with us than anywhere else  ;)