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Getting Caught Up...



Since the weather's been nice lately, & I'm laid up with a bad foot, I've been catching up on my back log of brewing. Last Saturday, I brewed an ESB. Today, I brewed a Barleywine, & pitched it onto the yeast cake from the ESB. It only took 4 hours for it to take off fermenting. Tomorrow, if the weather holds out, I'll be brewing a Weizenbock. I have a Rye Porter & an APA planned for Saturday coming up.
Anyone else brewing?


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Sep 30, 2003
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Northern Michigan
Wow... that's a busy brew schedule. Sounds like some good libation, though!

I'd brew every other day if I could (everyday is just too many ;)), and if you looked at my conditioning area, you'd think that I did. I've got something like 5 or 6 batches in bottles conditioning, and two batches in kegs. Then there's what's currently on tap and in bottles on the fridge. Needless to say, I've got enough beer to last me awhile, and with a potential move coming up, I really shouldn't even be thinking about brewing. But is that going to stop me? Ha!

I'm hoping to do a CAP of sorts soon, with domestic 2-row, corn, Clusters and Hallertauer hops, and I'll probably pseudo-lager it with WLP810 San Francisco lager. I don't have a real lagering setup, so this is as close as I can get. Seeing how my basement is hovering at about 55dF, that should be close enough for government work :)

I'm also going to try an all-Cluster pale ale (I've got a pound of them to use up), and I need to hurry up and brew my buckwheat ale. I think I've got a pretty good base for general drinking beers--a wheat, bitter, stout, brown ale, wheat brown ale, pale ale, cream ale, rye amber, and so on. My porter keg just kicked it tonight, though... so maybe I need one of those. Anybody got a good recipe ;)

So anyway... I shouldn't be brew-busy, but I'm probably going to be anyway! Hope the foot gets better, TF.


I wont be brewing until just after Thanksgiving.  That will be the annual BW.

Then I am open to suggestions.



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Apr 5, 2003
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I've been catching up too!

Now that the new version is completed, I've had a chance to restock the spare kegs and also enjoy the great brewing weather.

I finished an Alt last week and I'm going to replenish my Stout (a winter favorite of mine) tomorrow.



I won't be able to brew until about the middle of December  :mad: moving time ya know. Then I'm sure I'll brew twice a week LOL!  ;D