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Getting Frustrated with Beersmith


Sep 23, 2015
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Where do I start? Let me just say that if anyone has a Blichmann Breweasy set up to brew 10 gallons (15 G MT and 20G BK) I will PAY YOU to help me figure out this crap. I've been trying to calculate my Blichmann Breweasy over probably 10 batches and I'm about to lose my mind. I know the Beersmith software has pre-set stuff for Breweasy, but there is no way they are correct. Additionally, when I attempt to modify what I think the ACTUAL specifications are, other numbers are changed and I'm back where I started, confused af. Additionally, when you change the boil time on the recipe, the post boil gravity (OG) doesn't change...how does that work? I hate to ask for someone to hold my hand through the process of figuring this out, but I'm getting desperate...


Grandmaster Brewer
Mar 16, 2013
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New Hampshire, US
Since I do not have the Breweasy, I'll answer what I can. 

BeerSmith works off of brew house efficiency as being a fixed variable.  When you change a setting, such as boil time, the program makes an adjustment to the water demand and to keep all other outputs constant. This will only happen if you have checked off in your equipment profile to use the boil off number as an hourly figure and to allow BeerSmith to calculate your boil volume automatically.  Otherwise, your water will remain constant and BeerSmith assumes that the value for boil off you entered in your equipment profile (or modified within the recipe) is fixed.