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Has anyone here ever brewed (or even heard of) Podpiwek?

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My sister's fiancee's mom sent me a bunch of packets to make Podpiwek, which is apparently a lightly alcoholic beer made with crumbled dark bread.  The packets are tiny, and the instructions are written on each one.  Here is a translation:

Dissolve 1 packet of Podpiwek in 10 liters of boiling water.  Boil for 10 mins.
Sieve the liquid through a piece of cloth (filter paper should be fine).
Mix 5 grams of yeast (best fresh) in 1/2 glass of this liquid.  Then add this mixture to the rest of the liquid.
Add 500-600 grams of sugar and stir until sugar is dissolved.
Fill up the bottles with the screw cap and put away in winter for 5 days (summer for 3 days).  The first day should be in a warm place and the rest in cooler place.

I'm intrigued, but I'm not sure how to proceed.  I imagine it'll be 2-3% abv (BeerSmith tells me it will be 2.16% if the powder in the packet add nothing fermentable to the wort) but I have no clue about the taste.  I have 2 dilemmas:

First, I'm thinking of just sterilizing some 2-liter plastic soda bottles for my first batch, as I'm not sure how it will turn out.  Will the seal on the screw-cap be tight enough to allow carbonation to happen?  Can anyone think of any other possible issues with using 2-liters?

Second, I have no clue what to do about yeast.  I've never used anything but Wyeast or White Labs, but that seems like overkill for this beer.  The batch will only be a 2-3 gallons.  Any ideas what kind of yeast I should use?  Should it even be beer yeast?

I think I'll be making this beer next weekend.  I'll keep all of you posted about how it turns out.
using the google I get - Polish

Podpiwek – napój o ciemnej barwie i słodkawym smaku. Podpiwek jest napojem bezalkoholowym. Powstaje on poprzez zalanie gorącą wodą mąki słodowej, dodanie drożdży i przechowywanie w celu fermentacji w szczelnie zamkniętym naczyniu.

Wytwarzany jest przeważnie w warunkach domowych z: palonej kawy zbożowej, suszonego chmielu, drożdży, wody i cukru. Można też kupić gotowy podpiwek lub specjalnie przygotowaną mieszankę suszu do samodzielnego przygotowania podpiwku.

W Polsce producentami podpiwku są między innymi:
    * Boss Browar Witnica - producent gotowego napoju o nazwie Podpiwek lubuski.
    * Delecta - producent mieszanki do samodzielnego przygotowania napoju Podpiwek Kujawski.
    * Hoop - producent gotowego napoju o nazwie Hoop Podpiwek Staropolski.
    * Krynka - producent gotowego napoju o nazwie Podpiwek.

Rough translation from google
Podpiwek - spirit of the dark color and flavor słodkawym. Podpiwek is bezalkoholowym drink. It is created by hot water flooding malt flour, add yeast and stored for fermentation in the tightly sealed vessel.

It is produced mainly in the home of: roasted coffee, cereal, dried hops, yeast, water and sugar. You can also buy ready podpiwek or specially prepared mixture of dried preparation for self-podpiwku.

In Poland podpiwku manufacturers are:
Boss Brewery Witnica - manufacturer of the finished drink called Podpiwek lubuskie.
Delecta - producer of the mixture to prepare the drink alone Podpiwek Kujawski.
Hoop - the manufacturer of the finished drink called Hoop Podpiwek Staropolski.
Krynka - manufacturer of the finished drink called Podpiwek.

Sounds like a very simple beer ---- you might use a very basic beer yeast like Muntons. Sounds interesting ... could also be an acquired taste