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Has Anyone Used This Company?

I bought my keg kit from them about 8 years ago. I bought the kit that goes into an existing fridge. When I needed a larger CO2 bottle, I went back to them.

I have had no issue. Installation of the kit was simple. Open box, drill hole in door, mount tap, connect lines and go.

When I was on the market, I looked at a few different web sites, this was the best and most reasonably priced kit I could find.

I highly recommned them. I just started brewing and haven't looked to thier site for any home brewing equipment, but the keg system I got from them has worked fine for me over the years. no issue. one thing I recommend though to anyone putting in a system is to maintain 2 x CO2 bottles... one large and one small spare. Nothing is worse than having a party a full keg and running out of CO2.
I just ordered a kegging setup minus the kegs from them.  I did have a few problems with the order.  I was first told that one of the items I ordered was on back order.  Then they said got the item in and that my order would ship.  A few days later I received the item that was back ordered but not the rest of the  order.  I don't know if it was an oversite or what but they finally shipped my order today and is supposed to be here on Saturday the 2nd of July.  I placed the order on the 18th of June.  Their customer service seems responsive nevertheless.  I will update you on the quality of the merchandise when I receive it.
I am also curious about the experience you've made with the kit so far? Any experience which you would like to share? I plan of getting a similar kit, but I'm not sure yet. I especially wonder about the quality and if it's worth the money. I don't want to buy crap ;)
  I got the runaround on back ordered parts despite their having numerous listings on Ebay.  After several weeks, I had them send what they had in stock and send the missing component when it came in(tap handle).  Upon arrival, one of the gauges(plastic) was broken.  After several attempts to contact customer service, I was sent a replacement gauge.  I have found that the regulator has difficulty with accurate low psi settings, between 4 - 12 psi, right where beer is dispensed.  Everything is Chinese.  I am now replacing every thing I bought from them.
When I was setting up my kegging system, I was finding the pressure regulator with two taps to be around $125, but I found one on their site in the clearance section for $25 plus shipping .. jumped on it.  It arrived quickly and works like a champ .. no negatives from me, but also only 1 order so far.  If you can get free shipping they would generally beat all the locals and online deals IMHO.  But I also like to shop at my LHBS.
  There is no doubt their prices are good.  But you get what you pay for.  my $0.02 worth.

  Perlic, Tap-Rite & Victor can not be beat for quality.  Buy one & done.