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Hello and help! LOL


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Jun 2, 2019
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Hi all! I have been using the old once and done version of Beersmith for about 6 years and needed a new laptop and decided to get the upgraded yearly renewal for all the enhanced options! Boy, has the learning curve started! My brewing life started about 10 years ago ( ya, know..kits, brew in a bag, turkey fryer, etc.). Then in 2011 we moved to Denver CO. for a few years and by chance ended up moving next door to a guy who along with his cousin were brewing on their garage pilot system in the process of opening a craft brewery. So, I learned all grain brewing as well as the majority of what I know from them. By default I became their asst. head brewer and was responsible for 6 handles of one off creations! fate had us move back home to PA and I have 20 gallon HERMS electric system in my basement, always brewing, always learning! HERES WHERE I NEED HELP! how do I set up my forum profile? I can not seem to be able to attach a photo image to my identity, it just shows text. ANY type of help, suggestions, greatly appreciated and graciously accepted!


Grandmaster Brewer
Apr 7, 2017
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Near the top of the forum you will see... Home Help Search Profile. Of course you want to click Profile. On the left side of the Profile page look for "Modify Profile" and in that section click on "Forum Profile". Here is where you can attach a picture and make a few other customizations.