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Hello from Milwaukee


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Jan 24, 2020
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Milwaukee, WI
Hi everyone. My full name is Stojan, but most people call me Stoy for short. I'm a homebrewer out of Milwaukee, WI

Yes we love our Pabst here. (I'm more of a Hamms guy myself)
Yes we call drinking fountains "Bubblers."
Yes the Green Bay Packers are an organized religion here.

I've been brewing for two years now, progressed to BIAB a year ago. I brew outside on a propane burner, but I just recently bought the Clawhammer 120V BIAB system so I can brew inside without freezing my ass off.

I'm just like any newb homebrewer that thinks "Wow, wouldn't it be cool if I owned my own brewery??" I've got a very simplistic mindset as to what I'd love to have if I "did" open up a nano-brewery.

That's that I guess. Thanks for creating a great community, hope to contribute in some way!

Welcome Stoy.
I switches to an all in one system too. It's so nice to brew in the comfort of the kitchen. No more freezing during the Winter and sweating during the Summer.