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Hello from old brewer, new forum member.


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Aug 18, 2022
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Been brewing awhile. Started thinking “that looks like fun” and bought an extract kit. The next thing I knew, I was doing all grain and culturing yeast. Yes, my hobbies have a way of taking over my life. My wife and I downsized a few years ago and I lost my brewery area. Back to the extracts and steeped grains. Bought a ”Brewers Best Mash and Boil” electric kettle two years ago and it mostly works and NO propane in the basement which has become my new brewing space. I am located in Northern Ohio and Winter brewing isn’t really an option.
Great to have you on the forum! The Mash and Boil is a very nice setup - compact, affordable and works well. Hopefully you are getting some great beers out of it!
So far, so good! Always trying new methods. There is so much yet to learn and I’m old and may not have a lot of time left. Just tried a tilt hydrometer in a Summer Shandy. Works great from inside a SS fermenter inside my fermentation chamber (converted chest freezer). I may have to buy a second tilt. I really like being able to track fermentation. I like to keg just before final gravity and naturally carbonate. The Tilt makes that much easier.