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Hello! New to the forum


New Brewer
Dec 3, 2016
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Hey Everyone,

I'm new to the forum, but not new to the are of home brewing.  I began extract brewing in 1999 or 2000, my notes don't say.  I probably brewed 20 5-gallon batches, maybe more.  That was in Missouri.  In 2013, I moved to CA and shed lots of my redundant equipment (e.g., bottling buckets, bottles), but I kept some treasures:  a 7-gallon pot, a turkey burner, 2 corny kegs and a CO2 system, and miscellaneous basic tools.  A month ago, I saw a neighbor (whom I had not yet met) homebrewing and struck up a conversation about all grain brewing.  Then my next-door neighbor convinced me to brew again.  Before I knew it, I had purchased two 10-gallon round coolers for an HLT and mash tun, a false bottom, and some spigots.  And then we were off to the races.  Our first-ever brews are fermenting in the garage closet:  an IPA (off the first-run grains), and a session-like red (of the second run grains).  Our efficiency is way low, but I think the beers will turn out drinkable.

Next beer:  a dark mild.

I'm looking forward to picking peoples' brains in the forum and learning for those with more experience.

-- Jason