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Help wanted


New Brewer
Jan 3, 2017
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Hi all, I'm new to AG BIAG brewing, been a kit brewer for many years and have never been totally happy with any of my beers. So excited about moving up!!

Just a couple questions about Beersmith 2 (downloaded app to phone) for now. I've read that it has an expected mash ph when you pump in a recipe but mine doesn't have this feature? I can find ?mash ph? inside the ?mash profile? tab but it's just set to 5.2 unless I manually change it, which means nothing. Doesn't matter what type of malt I have selected for a recipe or what type of water. I can't imagine that's right. People say you can also choose a water profile and have the app tell you what's required of yours to match it but this I can't find either. Apparently there's a version 2.3 but the app store just had 2 and 2 lite. It seems a good app but dissapointing all the good stuff seems to be missing. I go to design a test recipe so I can get used to using it but always end up disheartened by something missing. Even something as simple as priming sugar. Sure, you can choose from a great list and enter volume but I can't see anywhere that tells me how many grams I have to prime it with to reach the carb level I apparently selected. I must be doing something wrong, couldn't be this bad, could it..?


Greetings somebeerguy - you seem to have many questions beginning with a BIAB question.  I'm not a BIAB brewer, I can't really answer all your BIAB questions.  However, I can tell you that the water addition tools you're asking about have been recently added to the desktop version of BS. I believe a new version of BS Mobil is coming out soon and it's supposed to include some water tools as well.

Priming sugar is added to the recipe while in the edit mode.  So, select your recipe, then tap Edit.  Then scroll all the way to the bottom under Profiles for Recipe.  There you can adjust your Carbonation Volumes. Directly above that is where you can choose the type of sugar you wish to use.  When you're finished, tap Save.  Then, scroll to the top and tap Timer.  Then scroll all the way to the bottom to the Bottle/Age Estimates section where you'll find the Carbonation details.

Hope this helps.