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Hi from Norway


Nov 22, 2019
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Hi all. I have been brewing for around 20 years now, and it was very nice to come across the BeerSmith software and community. A couple of friends and I made our own 50L brewing kit from stainless water heaters. The boiler was fitted with a thick plate in the bottom and we boiled with a gas burner. The rinse water pot was heated with a coil from a dismantled water boiler submerged into the water. The Cooler was coiled up with copper pipes, and the mash was made in a big beach cooler box rigged with siphon (not sure about this word) pipes inside around the bottom and a irrigation system on top for the hot rinsing water. This way we made a circulation sucking out all the good stuff into the boiler. This box was perfect for keeping a steady temp. My two friends has moved on to more modern equipment, but guess what? I am still using the good old one, and it keeps giving me good beer.
By the way, does BeerSmith mean Smith like in Mr. Smith, or does it mean Smith like in Blacksmith? Just fun to know.
Hope to try some of the beers in here, and maybe upload some of my own. 
Thank you for the chance to present myself. Looking forward to using the software instead of spreadsheets.


Grandmaster Brewer
Mar 16, 2013
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New Hampshire, US
Welcome!  Sounds like quite the system you have and it proves the point about fancy equipment does not mean better beer.

BeerSmith is (at least in my mind) a double meaning.  Certainly it is named after the owner and developer, Brad Smith.  But it also is a nod towards the craftsmanship aspect of making beer.