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hop bitterness wrong?


Jul 19, 2014
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  First of all I use a HERMS system, stainless still pots for my HLT and boil pot, the mash tun is a 10 gallon home depot igloo type cooler converted to a mash tun. The boil pot is an Anvil 10 gallon pot. PID controlled electric system.  Equipment profile has been done and everything else seems right on the recipe's exept for the hop bitterness.
  I have found that the hop bitterness in the style guide comperison (below the recipe design) does not match when I use the hop bitterness calculator under the tools tab on top or other hop calculators online. I beleave I am low with the design and when I adjust it with the slide I am getting more hop bitterness than I should. What am I doing wrong?
    The equipment profile seems good, I was just wondering if maybe the bitterness adjust under Options needs to be adjusted. It is now 10% first wort hop adjustment and -80% mash hop adjustment, 2% plug hop adjustment and 10% pellet hop adjustment. Box for apply hop adjustment withing recipe is checked.