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How long before beer is carbonated?

The Drizzle

Dec 31, 2010
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never gotten a real definite answer on this question. i've heard the bottles are carbonated after only a week but i've also heard it takes 2-3 weeks. is there any standard time i should wait before drinking my beer? using standard 3/4 cup corn sugar for priming.
Every beer style will take different times for carbonation. Each batch (when you first start brewing) will also be a little different. Generally 2 weeks in the bottle for many beers.
Since I also keg; I've had a few beers force-carbonated within an hour. That's kinda cool. But they still need to sit and condition. Your yeast is still doing stuff even after they are done fermenting and carbonating. There is more to a finished beer than just carbonation. Time is the key. For now, just enjoy your brews. As you make more beer, you can focus on aging them properly and seeing the results.

The "real definite answer" would be:
Grab a bottle every once in a while and throw it in the fridge. If YOU enjoy it, then dig in and drink 'em.  It is strictly for your enjoyment alone. Patience, will always give you better results.
The condition of the yeast and the temperature of the bottles are the keys to a consistent number of days. If your temperature (averages) the same temperature of the original fermentation than all should be good. Here is one thing to remember! The average may not vary by to much. Yeast doesn't like to swing and it will turn off if you let it vary too much! In Spring my garage may be 20F degrees in the night but move up to 55F by day, no good! As a rule, as has been stated, allow two weeks for "Normal" carbonation.

I use this method for testing carbonation in order to keep from serving flat tasteless beer. I drink a bottle a day for about 48 days. Usually by the last day the brew is perfect and I save the last three or four bottles for guest's. Sometimes this method runs out before it's perfect so I have to re-brew! I don't see a problem with that!
Driz- the 123 method seems pretty tried and true. 1 week in the Primary, 2 weeks in the Secondary, and 3 weeks in the Bottle.  I usually can't wait 3 weeks and open one after a week. I once was ready to call a brew after 5-6 weeks.  When I went to pour it out, I heard that fizzt, so I put in a glass. Turned out to real good beer. Yeast was WL002. 
As a general rule of thumb, i like to let my beer sit for 3-4weeks once it has been bottled and then i'll try one. my 4 week rule is'nt only for carbonation reasons, i think it helps to keep a beer from tasting a little (green).some beers come in to there own sooner or sometimes require a little more time, depends on style. a wiess beer matures a lot quicker and is meant to be enjoied fresh while an i.p.a. may need more time to mature, experimentation is half the fun, i always try to set one or two aside and age them longer to see if it makes a differance, some will benifit while others may oxidize, too much. hope this helps.