How to fix this problem?


Jun 10, 2015
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Dear Brewsmith Forum members, I'm new in brewing beer (my second all-grain batch ever is under fermentation right now), and although I can follow a recipe, I'm having troubles designing my own.
I'm trying to design an Imperial IPA, with the following indispensible characteristics:
ABV: 8,9%
IBU: 119,9

Other ranges (OG, SRM) are not so important, however, despite being within the target for each of this style's guidelines, the measured ABV (at the very bottom of the picture) shows 4,7%.
How can I fix this?
Your valuable help is highly appreciated.
What you are looking at is the 'measured abv' which is calculated from the actual brew results for OG and FG that you enter into the recipe when you are brewing and bottling.  If you are just designing the recipe and have not brewed it yet, don't worry about the actual values at this time. 
Change the measured original gravity to the same as the estimated original gravity.