How to move inventory from desktop to laptop


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Aug 25, 2008
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I had tried to move my primary BS from desktop to laptop a while ago and the deal breaker was I couldn't find a way to export and move the Inventory.  Didn't want to re-enter all that data.  I'm able to export recipes but same process didn't work for Inventory. 

Is that possible?  I just verified my on-hands again so this would be a good time to try it.  Thx. 
Yes it is possible - do an Export of the individual ingredient views (Hops, Grains, etc) using the Export command on the File menu.  On the new computer you can Import them back into your various views.

I don't recall if "Import and Merge" will carry over the inventory (but give that a try first).  If not, you can delete the old records (Hops, Grains, etc) and then Import them in again from your files from your old computer.

As always, I would recommend making backup copies (use Export on the File menu) on the new computer of all of the tables before you modify them just in case...

Seems like multiple steps on multiple files, each time you change anything. 

Is some type of "Sync" process possible?  Either wireless or USB.........bring both up in Inventory View and select "Synchronize" and it verifies the passkey is identical and then syncs from "device one" to "device two?"

You should be able to "check box" to synchronize Grains, Hops, Recipes, Inventory, Yeasts, etc., so that if I modify the Grains database with all the additional Malt lists, I don't have to do it twice. 

There's probably such sync software available that could be incorporated somehow. 
 What I've suggested to others is the possibility of running from a shared drive.  This can be done, but one must be very careful to make sure you don't run more than one copy of BeerSmith at at time across the shared drive or you run the risk of the multiple copies overwriting each other's data which could result in a mess.

 However, if you are very careful to close down one copy of BeerSmith before running another from the shared drive such that you never have more than one copy running from that drive it should work OK.

I'd like to chime in on MaltLicker's request for some sort of synchronization tool.  Is it possible to automate the import/export of all the ingredient views using an external tool, such as AutoIt?  I am new to the forum and BeerSmith, but envision using the software on a laptop away from home (so no shared drive) to formulate recipes and plan the brew day, and when at home use it on a desktop computer during (and after) the actual brewing process.  File synchronization seems key to this usage scenario.


I agree it would make BeerSmith the optimal tool to me if it was more smooth in synchronising.

Last time I tried to merge all data from one computer to the other it resulted in two copies of every ingredient. Eg all malts and hops are listed twice.

Is there a way I can batch delete these or a way to make the program merge the doublets that are 100% equal??