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How to utilize the steam energy produced during boiling


Oct 16, 2017
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We know that there is a huge amounts of steam produced during wort boiling process especially for brewhouse capacity above 2000L, which means a lot of energy. Many of brewmasters prefer to utilize the energy again during beer brewing.
Generally there are two main methods could be used as follows:
1. If the steam venting via steam condenser
Now it is available to add one tubular heat exchanger after steam condenser directly. The steam produced during boiling will goes into the heat exchanger, where the hot steam with heat exchanging with city water. The heated water could be saved in the HLT for brewing water of second batch or used for tanks cleaning.

2. If the steam venting directly via chimney to the roof
It is available to add some jacket outside of the chimney of steam venting. The cold city water available to flows in the jacket and make heat exchanging with hot steam inside of the chimney.
The heated city water then could be saved in the HLT for tanks cleaning etc.

Let us know if you have more ideas for recycling the steam.

Thank you.