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Jun 9, 2018
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Hi Ya'll

I'm Ron and a newbie.  I'm a fraction of a batch in.  I brewed my first batch about a month ago and loved the experience.  Didn't love it as much as I could have though.  :(  I started with a Stout.  Everything went great up until day two of the fermentation.  That when we unexpectedly had a bit of a heatwave.  The yeast then got a little overactive and my airlock plugged.  Lets just say the resulting explosion was....impressive.  With the aid of my security cameras, I was able to watch as the lid of the fermenter blew 20ft across the room repainting the walls, 15ft ceiling and piano with soon-to-be stout.  Meanwhile, the fermenter itself continued to volcano extrude foam in a surrounding mound along its carpeted base.  Anyway, cleanup took about 3 hours, lesson learned and I am now hooked. Materials in hand for the next batch....