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ingredient effects?



ok, i feel extremely idiotic.  not only is my school pc not accepting my password, but i got a easy question for most of you homebrewers.  what does each ingredient do to the flavor/body/etc of beer?  an example would be oats add body, but cloud the beer.  irish moss, different malts, wheat, sugar, etc.  thank you for your input.  


The question you asked has too many answers to contemplate. Each ingredient will give different flavour, aroma and texture profiles to your beer.

What you really need to do is buy a good brewing book from your HBS. Most of the brew books will give you a list of ingredients and what affect they will have on the brew. Try John Palmers book "how to Brew" or visit his website, I don't have the address, just do a google search.


thanks!  :D  i like the site and the link!  helps out ALOT.  can't say how much it simplified everything.  pity my school printer though.   ::)  hehe.  thanks!