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Instructions for installation of custom reports missing from help


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Jun 12, 2011
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Welcome to BeerSmith! > Options > Custom Reports:  paragraph before the list of "Commonly Used Recipe Tags" states that "Once you have a template created, save it to the Documents/BeerSmith2/Reports directory and then you can install it using the instructions below." No instructions seem to follow, only the list of tags.

PC version 2.0.37
Sorry - once you have your report template copied to the "Reports" directory under Documents/BeerSmith2, just click on "Add Report" and then enter the Display name, Type (text or HTML) and the file name.  The file name is the short name such as "My Report.txt" and not the full path to the file.

That should do it...

It's a bit late, but since I've looked a while on it I thought I'd add some more info.  The "Add report" to install the report is in the Preferences of BeerSmith2.  -fyi ;)